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Weight loss tips for 30+ Females

Losing weight is a huge challenge in every phase of life, but when you are a woman running in her 30s, things become exceptionally hard, because the 30s are the most stressful time in life when kids, family, work and relationships all work together for draining your energy. You are constantly exhausted and on your toes to meet with expectation burdened on you by family and work commitments so much so that losing weight and keeping yourself fit and actively takes a backseat with no intentions to come forward.

So losing weight in the 30s is impossible? Well, fortunately, it is not. It is pretty hard but not impossible. You need to make a proper strategy, to begin with, your weight loss journey without hampering your top priorities. This might be a little difficult as your kids, family consumes the most time of day and finding that extra time, and attention can be crucial. Nevertheless cheers up pretty ladies and follow these tips to ensure good health while staying in shape.

Identify the areas of concern and improve them

Everyone has her limitations and roadblocks during the life and weight loss process. The challenges are related with time and other priorities in life. Especially during life in 30s life is more about giving time to family. These obligations are important, but you are likely to find your way to weight loss with them only.
First, you need to change your thought process. Almost any barrier in life is manageable, including lack of time. All you need to do is priorities and to ensure you are also included in your priority list. Start taking at least 20 minutes for a workout every day. Make a meal plan and start working on meal prep once in a week. This routine will ensure healthy food habits in your family including allowing you to spend some time with yourself.

Understand your body and physique

Losing weight in the 30s is a smart job. You need to understand the situation first then act accordingly. You need to understand your body type, metabolism rate and what exactly you want from your body. Women start losing muscles in their 30s, and muscle mass is important for staying fit and active.
Starting with small exercise and short spans of an intense workout is an easy option with the available time.

Organize your life

Most women think that things will settle down in the next few years when kids will grow up, and they will reach on higher levels in the corporate ladder, but believe me, and this will not happen. Kids will always remain apple of your eye and work pressure will increase with time and position. So start prioritizing your life in 30 with keeping your health on a higher position, if not on top.

To begin with, this organization start making a ‘to do’ list and meal plan in advance. If possible start meal preparation in advance. Organizing your life and kitchen will give you some time to spend on your fitness and weight loss.
If possible try to involve your family in household chores or ask them for help. Their help will play an important role in your fitness journey.

Don’t follow the trend

There are ‘N’ numbers of diet plans or diet trends available on the internet. Starting from a vegan diet to keto diet plan the names are many. However, women in their 30 are smarter than their past version. They do not need to follow these plans without taking their body, health, and lifestyle into consideration.

Following a new diet plan without thinking will lead your body to starvation, and this isn’t desirable.
To stay fit one need to start from basics like limiting sugar intake, including more protein in your diet, and write what you are eating. Making an eating journal will be very helpful in making your diet plan.

Keep your stress level to a minimum

Women in 30s have many reasons to remain stressed, infect they are sailing in the most stressful phase of their life. Work, small kids, relationships all take a toll on their health. Not just this their issues, increasing numbers on weighing machine and even new diet plan started by can increase stress level. Our body responds to stress with storing fat and making us fat. So a balanced lifestyle is a key to weight loss. If you want to stay fit, you need to stay stress-free.

Try to eat palm size meal five times a day

Eat what you can keep in your hands. Eating healthy meals in small portions will keep you energized whole day and will be a great help in losing weight. Try to keep your food low in carbs and high in protein and fibers.

The 30s is the time when you take a long-term decision and gives a direction to your life. So focus on balance lifestyle and weight loss will come with it.

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