Home Remedies for Fleas

Fleas are a reason for constant strain for every pet owner. These parasites feed off on the blood of our loved pets and become a problem for both your home and your beloved pet.

These small parasites have an amazing ability to jump long distances in comparison to their size. They can jump from your pet to your couch and make your life problematic and are dangerous for your kids.

If fleas are the problem you want to get rid of, then you need to take some effective measures for their treatment. One of the best methods is calling a guy from pest control, but some home remedies are helpful in controlling the situation and prevent flea outburst in-house.

Flea Bites

Majorly our furry friends are significant victims of flea bites, but there are some cases when humans have suffered flea bites. They are not as painful as bed bugs or wasp bites, but insect bites may cause swelling or bacterial infection. Also, fleas are vectors for several diseases, and one must be careful enough to prevent any situation.

Here we will discuss some home remedies to control fleas and can get rid of them.

Dish soap

This is an easy home remedy of curing flea problem. In this method, we need to create a flea trap using dish soap and water. This method must be used mostly at nights as insects are more active in the dark.
In this method, we need to mix dish soap in warm water and place the solution in a bowl in different rooms with significant flea activity. The soap water works as the glue for fleas because of its viscosity. This method must be repeated with fresh water every day for best results. A lit candle can also be placed with a bowl for maximizing results, but it has potential hazards of fire so be cautious while using it.

Make your herbal flea spray

You can make your own non-toxic herbal flea spray which is suitable to use with children at home and on your pets. Make your flea spray using vinegar, water, lemon juice, and witch hazel. Keep it in a large jar and spray it in your house. You can use this spray on carpets, mats bins, and furniture. Rub your carpet with a brush after using this spray.
The effectiveness of this spray can be increased by using baking soda. After using the spray in whole house vacuum clean the house thoroughly and empty bag directly in the trash can.

Baking soda and vacuuming

Baking soda is an effective remedy of curing fleas. Vacuum clean your home after spraying baking soda on carpet and furniture. Baking soda has antibacterial properties and causes fleas to come out from their shelters in carpet and furniture. Vacuuming house after using baking soda will clear house from house fleas. You can also use a hard brush on the carpet after using baking soda for maximizing results.


Just like baking soda salt is also a good home remedy for curing fleas. Salt has dehydration properties and helps in getting rid of adult house fleas. The method is similar to baking soda. You need to sprinkle salt on furniture and carpet and vacuum clean house afterward. The only difference is that you need to leave salt for one or two days in the rug and then vacuum clean it.

Lemon spray

Lemon spray can be used in multiple things related to fleas. It can be used in making flea spray and can also be used in curing flea sting. The lemon spray is an effective remedy to get rid of flea infection in house.
Use lemon made citrus spray on furniture and spray it on the carpet, sofa and other furniture. Let the spray rest overnight and later vacuum clean house to remove all the fleas. Lemon spray can be made by boiling lemon in water.

Flea repellent plant

This is the best natural remedy for getting rid of fleas in the house. Some plants have natural properties and chemicals the fleas hate. Lavender, rosemary, penny plants are known as best home remedies for removing fleas from the house.
They have chemicals that make fleas uncomfortable and keep them out of the house. These plants can be grown in flower pots and backyard of the house.

Diatomaceous earth

This is the microscopic remains of algae, diatoms. This fine powder is nontoxic for humans but is an excellent remedy for removing fleas from the house.
The process is similar to salt and baking powder; one has to sprinkle it is house and vacuum whole clean house after two days. It is recommended to use food grade diatomaceous powder to be on safer side.

Getting rid of fleas is a tricky task. Although there are some great home remedies, they must be used on a continuous basis for better results and for having a flea’s free house.

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