Home Remedies for Burns

Home Remedies for Burns

The burns can be of a different category, ranging from mild burn to third degree, but let’s admit it that all burns are nasty, painful and hurting. We all get burnt at times and especially while working in the kitchen. The unpleasant injuries we get from burns gives us a tough time, and if the burns are severe caused by direct heat or fire, then the situation can be worse.

The burns are classified in different categories on the basis of severity. There are light burns which are caused by heating or touching a hot surface, then there are severe burns which are caused by direct contact with fire or steam.

The first-degree burns are those that affect the outer layer of skin. Second and third-degree burns have a deeper impact on the skin causing blisters, flesh burn, and other consequences. These categories must be treated at the hospital. However, there are some effective home remedies to cure burns. Usually, burns take about two to three weeks to cure if attended immediately and taken care properly.

These home remedies will reduce pain and help in the speedy recovery of burns

Cold water and compress

The basic and most effective treatment to cure burns is cold water. Keeping burned body parts in running water for to 15 to 20 minutes will help in curing burns. If you get burn scar, then clean the spot with cool water using mild soap. Then apply ointment to the affected area. For better relief cover the affected area with a soaked cloth and compress it for a few minutes. This process will give a soothing effect to the burned area.

Use aloe – vera

Another useful addition in home remedies against burns is aloe- vera. Aloe vera is very effective on first degree burns as it has antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. Aloe vera promotes blood circulation around the burn and restricts bacterial growth around the wound, countering any further infections.
For better results against burns apply a layer of aloe- vera immediately after burn and keep it for some time. Applying aloe- vera leaf directly is more effective than store brought aloe-vera gel.


Honey is another easily available addition in home remedy for burns. Similar to aloe vera honey also has antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties that help in curing burns with ensuring any further chances of infection. Though the role of honey in curing burn scars is not proven, yet the properties of honey have a soothing effect on the burned area.

Coconut oil

The best and proven remedy for curing burns is coconut oil. Coconut oil is rich with Vitamin E, and vitamin E not only treats burn on the skin but also helps in removing scars caused by burns. Massaging coconut oil directly on the burn will help in fast recovery. Using coconut oil with lemon juice after the wound gets healed will reduce burn marks effectively. The anti-fungal properties of coconut oil prevent further infection.


Vinegar is a must have in every kitchen. The healing properties of vinegar are helpful in many ways including burns. The acidic acid in vinegar helps in relieving pain, inflammation, and itching.

Applying vinegar using cotton swab will pull out all heat from the affected area thus reducing pain naturally. The astringent properties of vinegar also help in reducing the chances of infection and keep burn affected area safe.


White and minty toothpaste is an effective home remedy for reducing the impact of burn. For applying toothpaste, the burned area must be cleaned with cold water first then toothpaste must be applied. Applying toothpaste might give some irritation in the beginning but will have a soothing in some time.


Just like a slice of cucumber is sufficient for giving relief to puffy eyes and parched skin. Similarly, it is useful in reducing pain caused by burning. Cucumber is rich in Vitamin C and E. Together they have a soothing effect on the skin including a reduction in inflammation. The pantothenic acid in cucumber helps in retaining moisture in the burn affected area.


Applying vanilla extract on the burned area has a soothing effect on the skin. Vanilla essence has alcohol which cools down the heat and alleviates pain in the affected area.

Black tea bags

The tannic acid in black tea helps in reducing pain while withdrawing heat out from the burn affected area. Simmer the tea bag in hot water, when the solution gets cool then apply it on burning using a smooth muslin cloth. Apply this solution multiple times if required.

These home remedies have quick and effective results against burns. However, ‘prevention is better than cure’ so it is recommended to work carefully, avoiding any chances of getting burnt.


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