5 Cold and Flu Home Remedies

Home remedies for any disease are considered to be the last option for many when they fell ill. However, the efficacy of kitchen remedies in curing this disease is highly underrated. If home remedies are taken properly and on time, then there is no need to visit a drug store to buy medicine for flu and cold.
The reason behind flu and cold

Contrary to common belief flu is rarely caused by cold weather. Rhinoviruses mainly cause this disease. These viruses are airborne and have long strings. Different types of viruses can penetrate in this system. When we come in contact with these viruses our body reacts by sending white blood cells to fight with them. A sore throat, pain in the body, headache are symptoms of fight fought in our body between rhinoviruses and our immune system.

Our body is very much capable of kicking these viruses from the body, but things can be better if it gets some help from outside. Drugs and home remedies help the body in flushing viruses out of our system.

Home remedies for flu and cold

There is absolutely no need to suffer from flu and cold as long as you have a kitchen and some basic ingredients in it. There are many home remedies available that can cure common cold and remove its symptoms. So what are you waiting for, read about the best home remedies for cold and flu and take charge of your life and treat yourself from a nasty cold?

Onion and honey cough syrup

Well, it is not a traditional cough medicine as you can put this syrup on baked potatoes and enjoy your meal. But you can also take a spoonful of this syrup at times for treating cold and flu.
Cooking this home remedy is easier then you think. Heat a saucepan on the stove and put some skinny onions with honey and a pinch of thyme in t. Cook the mixture until the onion gets soft, and your syrup is ready.Researches have proven that onion and garlic help in removing thick mucus from lungs making them free from infection.

Drink plenty of fluid

At times when you are suffering from cold, it is recommended to drink plenty of fluid. Drinking fluid helps in congestion, moist throat and keeps the body hydrated. Dry throat and dehydration are common problems related to cold and flu. They relieve from congestion and gives a soothing effect to the body. Our nose and throat suffer from inflammation at the time of cold and hot fluids give them relief at times.

Also, hot fluids help in getting better sleep at times of cold.Drink hot drinks like soup, hot water, coffee and herbal tea for better results. Drink like warm water throughout the day. If possible, ask your mother to make your favorite chicken soup.

Take steam

Everyone likes to be steamy especially when they suffer from cold and flu. Taking steam is an effective method of unblocking nose during a cold. For taking steam, you need to put your head above steamer and breathe with the nose. Breathing steam will unblock your nose and give a soothing effect to your chest. Also, you need to be careful while taking steam as it might burn your nose.

Heat plus moisture is the key for relief against cold and flu. If possible try to keep a humidifier in your room and use it with a closed door.
So what are you waiting for taking a steamy session for relief against irritating cold and flu?

Use saline spray

Using a saline spray or salt water will unblock the cognition in your nose. If you are interested in using salt water rinsing, then you can try this recipe and make it at home. Take three spoons of salt and one spoon of baking soda and place it in an airtight container. While using take one spoon mixture and dilute it is hot water and fill the mixture in a syringe. Now gently squirt this solution in your nose with holding one nostril close afterward let the water drain.

Repeat this process with another nostril. You can do nose rinsing on a daily basis if you want to, it has no side effects. Always use distilled, boiled water for rinsing your nose. Otherwise, it might become the reason for infection.

Use menthol comfort

Menthol, eucalyptus has numbing ingredients that help in relieving pain in nose. We rub our nose multiple times during cold and continuous rubbing causes pain in nose. Taking a small dab of menthol under nose gives a soothing effect to your nose.

Menthol and eucalyptus also help in breathing from the nose during illness. You can also put menthol in steamer or humidifier and take steam. This solution of hot water and menthol will have better effect with relieving you from block nose and pain caused by it.

Home remedies are the secret formula used by our grannies for getting relief from cold and flu. They are tried and trusted remedies with better results.

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