• weight loss

    Weight loss tips for 30+ Females

    Losing weight is a huge challenge in every phase of life, but when you are a woman running in her 30s, things become exceptionally hard, because the 30s are the most stressful time in life when kids, family, work and relationships all work together for draining your energy. You are constantly exhausted and on your toes to meet with expectation burdened on you by family and work commitments so much so that losing weight and keeping yourself fit and actively takes a backseat with no intentions to come forward. So losing weight in the 30s is impossible? Well, fortunately, it is not. It is pretty hard but not impossible. You…

  • Home Remedies for Burns

    Home Remedies for Burns

    The burns can be of a different category, ranging from mild burn to third degree, but let’s admit it that all burns are nasty, painful and hurting. We all get burnt at times and especially while working in the kitchen. The unpleasant injuries we get from burns gives us a tough time, and if the burns are severe caused by direct heat or fire, then the situation can be worse. The burns are classified in different categories on the basis of severity. There are light burns which are caused by heating or touching a hot surface, then there are severe burns which are caused by direct contact with fire or…

  • Male_human_head_louse

    Home Remedies for Fleas

    Fleas are a reason for constant strain for every pet owner. These parasites feed off on the blood of our loved pets and become a problem for both your home and your beloved pet. These small parasites have an amazing ability to jump long distances in comparison to their size. They can jump from your pet to your couch and make your life problematic and are dangerous for your kids. If fleas are the problem you want to get rid of, then you need to take some effective measures for their treatment. One of the best methods is calling a guy from pest control, but some home remedies are helpful…

  • home remedies of acne

    Home Remedies for Acne

    Acne is a common problem and the worst nightmare for the young generation. Acne affects almost 80 % of people at one point in time, and this fact makes them inevitable for everyone. People try every possible method to treat, but most of them are of little use or are very expensive. Conventional methods of removing acne have a harsh effect on the skin like dryness, rashes, irritation and they are very expansive as well. The best way of curing these little monsters comes from our kitchen. Yes, home remedies are best for removing acne from the face and for getting the glowing skin you have always desired. But are…

  • investment and trading

    Investment and Trading – The Client Ethics

      The biggest problem with human beings is that they do more than what they are asked to do? You might wonder how this could be a problem? It can be better explained with an example. Say you are going to a doctor for treatment. The doctor hands out the prescription and asks you to meet him after five days. This is as simple as it can get. You have just got to do a certain thing for a certain period in a certain manner. Isn’t it easy to execute?. But what do you do? You peruse the prescription. Once you reach the drugstore, you try to find from the…

  • Depression

    Depression Treatment Secrets

    Depression has become a world disease. Every tenth person in the world is suffering from any mental disease. Most of the people battling depression are looking for its cure or a formula through which they can transform their lives. Battling depression is important and it can only be cured by introducing positivity in life and replacing negative thoughts with it. What is depression? Depression is nothing but accumulation of negative thoughts in our mind. The person suffering from these problems gets so much involved in negative thoughts that he loses his self confidence, desire to do anything and even living his life. Some experts say that people suffer from depression…

  • Finance

    Indispensable Patterns!

    As the title suggests, patterns play a crucial role in the Technical analysis. Every tool used in technical analysis like the bar chart, point and figure chart, etc, seem to create a pattern of their own. Candlesticks which is one of the most widely used forms of charting is known for its typical patterns it also goes to include variants such as Renko, Kagi, and three line break all of which have got to do with nothing other than patterns. Fibonacci relations depict yet another pattern while the line studies are also the symmetry of some sort creating patterns. Divergences and Reversals, overbought and oversold are all patterns too. The…

  • Finance

    Trade like you would Drive!

    The trading and investing world are quite similar to driving on the road. What do you do when you are out on the road? You mostly moderate yours driving in line with the way the others are driving. If the other cars are moving fast, you tend to move fast, if others are going slow, so do you. When others see a signal, you too are likely to see it. But, when a few cars overrun the signal because there is no cop there, you too tend to follow suit and overrun the signal, though you might not do it actually when you are on your own. You must note…

  • Finance

    The Worn Out Cliché

    The dividing line between those practicing Technical Analysis and those who do not is the statement that “you cannot time the market.” The argument that those who do not practice technical analysis put forth is that you might be out of the market too early or not be present when the stock is making the best move. But this is a bland statement without a basis. There is no record of someone missing a big move while you are trying to time it. To this argument, you have them asking” to show a rich market timer.” The answer to this is that if you do not know a rich market…

  • Finance

    Long term Orientation – single greatest edge an Investor can have!

    Enough people are shouting over the roof that to make money in the market. You should look at long-term investment. Though the advice of these people is well intentioned, it seems to fall on deaf ears, consistently. You will be able to understand this from the fact that it has been proved that for a turnover of over 1 lakh in the market, only 10-20% results in delivery. This is a meager percentage. If you were to minus from this the institutional participants and the percentage of participants who engage in short-term investments (also considered as long-term trading), you would notice that the actual percentage of people engaged in serious…